What you see before thee,
Is who I truly am.
I will finally be me,
No longer live in a sham.

Parts will no longer hide,
I hope for you to see,
The pride I have inside,
The me I’ll always be.
I want you to know,
I will not be someone else.
I will never put on a show,
Or put myself on a shelf.

I have come to understand,
My faults. 
Still trying to plan,
To take the out the vault.

The person deep within,
Is a scared little child.   
She’s learning to let in,
And go of the wild.

Finding myself,
Has not been easy.
There’s still more to unleash,
My soul is still busy.

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A Moment in Life


A moment in life,
Can change your mind,
Let go of the strife,
And give freedom from time.

It’s said to not search,
For things you hope for.
Just wait and perch,
To rid yourself of the sore.

Dwelling on the past,
Causes pains beyond measure.
Letting go at last,                                
Brings the heart and soul pleasure.

Life is what you make it,
Smile through the aches.
One day the bottom of your pit,
Will rise up releasing the agony that bakes.

Closure Brings Freedom
An example of a moment releasing pain.


For Me To Be Whole


In a cloud I stay,
Dreaming of you.
I wish all day,
To say I love you.

You make up my nights,
You consume my days,
My mind fights,
In so many ways.

I need you in my life,
I need you always,
You help with the strife,
Your love brightens me everyday.

When I can’t see you,
I feel so alone.
I become blue,
I don’t want to stay home.

I wish to be yours,
I crave your soul,
I need your arms,
For me to be whole.

What Will Happen?


Quickened heart,

Scrambled mind,

You did this from the start,

Within you, love I did find.

Twisted stomach, 

Aching body,

This is quick, 

To crave somebody. 

Freed soul,

From your love,

I’m now whole,

Flying with the doves.

A day without you,

Makes me shifty.

More than a few,

I feel empty. 

Growing feelings, 

Love sprouting fast,

Brings life new meanings,

Nothing can surpass.

I don’t know where this will go,

One day we will see,

I wish to know,

What will happen with you and me.

Where Am I Going?


Where am I going? 

My path is blurry.

What am I doing? 

My life is hurried.

I can’t see,

Only feel,

What am I to be?

What in life is real?

So many wants,

So many wishes,

My life feels like a front,

It’s burning into ashes.

What is life becoming?

It feels so surreal.

Why is it aching?

I don’t know how to deal.

How do I turn,

My life around? 

To rid myself of this burn,

And internal screaming sounds.

Agony From Within


I want to quit,

I can’t handle this,

I feel so out of it,

I’m falling into an abyss.

Life out of control,

Nothing feels right,

I am broken and not whole,

I’m tired of all the fight.

Why can’t one thing go like it should?

I wish I new Why,

I wish it could,

Then I could for once fly high.

So tired of life,

So tired of pain,

So tired of strife,

Wishing freedom I could gain.

Just let me fall,

It’s what I deserve. 

If not, then what’s with all,

The the balls that curve? 

Let it stop,

Or let it end,

I will never be on top,

Of the agony from within.

Where Does Time Go?


Day after day,

Month after month,

Year after year,

Does life pass by that much?

Days go by in the blink of an eye,

Where does the time run off to?

The time does not last for you and I,

Not matter what we may do.

Months seem to fly by quickly,

Eating away at to-do lists.

Missing an important duty,

Like sending birthday gifts.

Years and years add up fast,

From childhood to retirement.

The only way to make the years last,

Is to bask in every small moment.

Our Journey Speaks

Our Journey Speaks

Your journey is your own. No one can live it for you. Be who you desire to be. You are the only one who has to live with yourself for eternity.

End the Darkness

End the Darkness

Light is always around the corner.

Release Of A Lifetime


Release the agony,

Sigh away the pain.

These feelings inside of me,

Pour from my eyes like rain.

The internal turmoil , 

Bursting out of my soul.

The wall crumbles and foils, 

I can release now and feel whole.

A lifetime of emotions,

Flowing out of my heart.

Rid of commotions,

This is a brand new start.

Time this will take,

To regain my new strength.

A new expression I’ll make,

With my new sight on fate.

This happened for a reason,

I will see it unfold.

End this emotional treason,

And a new life emerges untold.