Take Me


Take me to a place,
Where we’re alone.
An internal space,
To call our own.          
Take me in your arms,                     
To feel your love,                         
To melt with your charms,              
To soar like a dove.

Take me on a journey,
Where love swarms our hearts,
Shows our connection to destiny,
Where our souls never part.

Take me into your being,
Where we become one,
The only thing we’re seeing,
Is us never being done.
Take me forever,
My soul is yours,
I cannot say never,
My heart for you pours.

Our Journey Speaks

Our Journey Speaks

Your journey is your own. No one can live it for you. Be who you desire to be. You are the only one who has to live with yourself for eternity.

Life’s Parade


In life we make choices,

From our inner voices.

They may sometimes seem wrong,

But they are right all along.

Cannot have regrets,

For destiny you have not met.

Life moves on,

Just keep strong.

Do not look behind you,

The past is gone.

Look at what’s new,

The future can be bright as the sun.

Mistakes will be made,

Each and every day,

Do not dwell,

Tell the mistakes farewell.

Believe in yourself,

For you have wealth.

It comes from your love,

From within and from above.

Be not who you think you are,

Become who you are meant to be.

Life can bring you far,

Just wait and see.

Believe the steps you make,

Come from journey’s fate.

Each path is made,

To walk with pride in Life’s Parade.

Emotions of Life


The emotional roller coaster,

That we call life,

Is a whirlwind of blunders,

That fate makes right.


We climb to the mountaintops,

We slide down the valleys,

We cannot stop,

Life has no boundaries.


We swerve to the left,

We dodge to the right,

Jump over hurdles,

Through holes we squeeze tight.


Where does it say,

In life things are rightly made?

We can go out or we can stay,

But life won’t always go our way.


When life feels grand,

Strong we stand,

When life falls apart,

We wish to give up our heart.


Emotion through life gets taken for granted,

It’s the way it goes so do not discern,

We cannot get frantic,

We move on from and learn.


Life’s journey is not the end,

It’s paths we take that brings our fate,

Life’s emotions follow us with demand,

Swallow each one as we consume destiny’s plate.



Journey’s Destiny



Days and nights filled with sorrow,

She needs a change in life,

She doesn’t have the answers,

To make herself feel right.

Looking out a window,

In a darkened night,

She wished upon a star,

For her life to upturn bright.

She waited days and days,

To receive her answer,

Days turned to months,

Years have passed and she still pursues after.

Then one day she sees,

Who she is truly meant to be,

She does not need the stars,

To answer what she seeks.

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