You Were


You Were My Angel From Above

You walked into my life,
When things were crazy.
During an internal fight,
Completely amazed me.

In this time of need I had,
You forced me to see,
The good and bad,
Showing who I’m meant to be.

Every day with you on my mind,
You consumed my heart.   
Now spinning around trying to find,
The pieces you pulled apart.       

I had a feeling,
Of being whole.          
Now a shelled being,
From carving this hole.

Moving on breaks my soul,
I miss the love,
Feeling out of control, 
Because you were my angel from above.


I’m Blindly Holdin’


I don’t know how to feel,
Night and day.
I don’t know what’s real,
Or what to say.

Emotions fill me always,
Yet, thinking of you are stunted.
I search daily in many ways,
I feel like my heart’s rusted.

I try and try, 
But cannot find,
I cry and cry,
But I fell behind.

Where do were go,
From this awful junction? 
How do I know,
If my heart still functions? 

You loving me,
Is times a hundred. 
My loving I can see,
Feels like it’s busted.

I never want to puncture your heart,
I feel as if I’m broken.
I never want you to fall apart,
I feel as if I’m blindly holdin’. 

Heart’s Pounding Pain

My heart’s pounding in my ears,
I can’t stop wiping tears.
I thought we had such a wonderful bond, 
It Burns inside me like a sickening sad song.
I want to just crawl inside, 
I want to run away and hide.
All these feelings you brought out in a shout,
Now you’re scared and took the quickest way out.
I feel so much sorrow inside me,
My heart broken, my soul no longer free.
I should have known this would happen,
From a man that is broken.
But you see I’m broken too,
One of the many things that connected me to you.
Our spirits are the same,
Part wild and part tame.
We needed each other so much, 
We needed to feel ours souls touch.
I will miss you beyond belief,
I don’t know how long till I feel relief
I had waited so long for a man as you,
I wish you could have held on to what was true.


Picture from unknown source.