To Again Restart


It’s hard to hold on,
It’s hard to believe.
When caring conversation gone,
And loving words leave.

Where did my love go?
Where is he hiding?
I miss him so,
And hate this fighting!

We once had something special,
Deep inside our souls.
Now lost and canceled,
We are opposite poles.

Is there anything left,
For us to keep holding?
Or do we forfeit,
And stop believing?

We once made others,
Wish to be us.
With four leaf clovers,
They begged for the rush.

Where did we go?
What has torn us apart?
I wish to know,
To again restart.

What Will Happen?


Quickened heart,

Scrambled mind,

You did this from the start,

Within you, love I did find.

Twisted stomach, 

Aching body,

This is quick, 

To crave somebody. 

Freed soul,

From your love,

I’m now whole,

Flying with the doves.

A day without you,

Makes me shifty.

More than a few,

I feel empty. 

Growing feelings, 

Love sprouting fast,

Brings life new meanings,

Nothing can surpass.

I don’t know where this will go,

One day we will see,

I wish to know,

What will happen with you and me.



Missing you,

Feelings rise.

Needing you,

I ache and Sigh.

Feeling you,

I am alive. 

Kissing you,

Gives me the best high.

Craving you,

I cannot wait,

Believing in you,

I will always state.

Dreaming of you,

I feel safe and loved.

Waking without you,

I feel lonely and cold.

To wake next to you,

Would make me complete.

No longer an emptiness without you,

No other feeling could compete. 

My heart belongs to you,

My soul is now brand new, 

Baby I love you,

I am yours, this is all true.

No Longer Consumed


My heart rapidly beating, 

My mind filled with you never tires, 

You cause these extreme feelings,

You caught my soul on fire.

Thud, thud, thud…

Heart pounding fiercely.

Who knew you could,

Do this to me?

The mere thought of your smile,

Makes me internally warm.

You make me dream while,

Wishing to be in your arms.

Feelings of true,

Feelings so real,

All for you,

This seems unreal. 

My soul flew free, 

It’s filled with happiness, 

Because of you and me,

It’s no longer consumed with sadness. 



Time stands still,

When in your arms.

You give me my fill,

With your loving charms.

A minute with you,

Makes my day.

You help me get through,

The day’s grey.

An hour with you,

Makes my month.

Emotions true too,

This is no front.

A day with you,

It becomes so clear.

The things I wish to say and do,

Bring out strength and no fear.

A month with you,

I would die for.

I wished for a connection true,

And you walked through the door. 

A year with you,

Cannot suffice.

You have taken away all that’s blue,

You trapped me in your loving vice. 

Just Need You To Know


Where is this going?

I ask myself.

My soul tumbling,

Trying to find itself. 

I feel a connection, 

I feel something real.

Heart’s resurrection, 

Is the appeal.

You have stirred my being, 

Inside and out.

I can’t miss out on this feeling,

I want to shout.

You make my world spin, 

My heart race,

My mind bend,

As our souls embrace.

Hold me near,

Don’t ever let go. 

I love you my dear, 

I just need you to know.

Am I A Fool?


My mind so full,

My heart so fast;

You erase the bull,

You helped me get past.

My thoughts on you,

Make words come hard.

My feelings true,

Breaking my guard.

Things that come easy,

Are now not so.

Thinking is erasing,

Where did it go?

You understand me,

You make my mind blow.

You helped me to see,

To go with the flow.

Your touch so craving,

Your voice gives me chills.

Your heart so giving,

You give me thrills.

I can’t get enough,

Of the time we spend,

I need you to get through the tough,

I don’t want this to end.

What is it you do,

That causes this? 

Am I a fool,

To express this bliss?

To Save Me


You make me feel wild,

You make me feel free,

There is nothing mild,

About you and me.

There’s something you give,

There’s something you are,

You help me live,

You bring me away far.

I never would have predicted, 

You would consume my mind,

You have me addicted, 

I now crave more time.

I still feel the closeness,

My heart beating fast,

Hard to believe the connectedness,

I hope this to last.

I can’t get enough,

Of the soul you encompass,

Your exterior tough.

Your inner softness. 

You weaken my knees,

You take away my breath,

You are what I need,

To save me from death.

Who Are You?


Who are you to say,

Not to be myself? 

I shouldn’t be a certain way,

And need to put my heart upon the shelf.

You think you won,

This life’s quest.

Is it fun,

Thinking it’s for the best?

Always think,

Before you speak.

You assume I’m weak,

I haven’t even peaked.

I don’t know what you’re thinking,

Asking me to change.

You will be the one sinking,

When life becomes rearranged. 

I hope you know what you’ve done,

You will soon see.

I’m no longer worried about you hun, 

The inner bitch is coming out of me.

I’m Finished!


I’m finished with conversation,

I quit the dreaded scum,

I give up your words of commotion, 

I am alas done.

The things that fall from your mouth,

Make me sick,

The words of hell and disgusting shout,

I’m ignoring, that’s it.

Keep on talking,

I will not hear,

Your constant barking,

Is so very clear.

I will change,

For me that is,

It’s not for new exchange,

It’s to continue to exist.

This new me you will see,

Will be one you won’t want,

You will not want me to be, 

Just a shell up front.

Be careful what you wish for,

I’m not about to care,

You do not know what’s in store,

You will not hear me share.

I’m finished with the emotion. 

I quit the loving heart,

I give up inner combustion,

I am done with falling apart.