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Inside My Mind





In the midst of a rainy day,

I hear him in my mind,

What does he say?

“I love you baby, how did I find,

such a perfect woman that has this way,

of making me feel special every day?”


Hearing this makes me sigh.

I miss him dearly,

I have this need to cry.

Will I ever hear his voice again?

Or, will this pain ever end?


He reached inside my darkened soul,

Brought out what made me feel whole.

I wish he didn’t say goodbye,

I cannot take this, I need his high.


He took with him a part of me,

He had set my soul free.

Now, being gone I don’t know what to feel,

Was his love for me ever real?


Thinking about him it’s hard to see,

Why he fled away from me.

He was so special to my heart,

I never wanted us to part.


I will not let this happen to me,

I will not let my my soul from me,

Or let my heart be seen,

My soul and heart are now just mine,

No longer will I be lost in love’s time.

Just Need You To Know


Where is this going?

I ask myself.

My soul tumbling,

Trying to find itself. 

I feel a connection, 

I feel something real.

Heart’s resurrection, 

Is the appeal.

You have stirred my being, 

Inside and out.

I can’t miss out on this feeling,

I want to shout.

You make my world spin, 

My heart race,

My mind bend,

As our souls embrace.

Hold me near,

Don’t ever let go. 

I love you my dear, 

I just need you to know.



Lost in mind’s state,

What of this should I make?

Mind spins round and round,

Cannot place feet on the ground.


Lost in a walled up heart,

How to make the walls fall apart?

Heart feels so trapped in,

Cannot make this feeling end.


Lost inside, my spirit hides,

How to find and release it to the skies?

Spirit binded in these chains,

There has to be a way to make change.


Lost in body’s image,

How to get past this grimace?

Body seems to hate me,

I hate it back times three,


Lost in being so very trapped,

How to get past these feelings that wrap?

Being has all these chores,

To find a way to release these sores.


Lost in mind, heart, spirit, and body,

How to fix this and not hurt anybody?

All of me needs some help,

To find a way to take care of myself.

What is it you do to me?

Tears falling down, from where do they come?
How do you make my mind come undone?
I don’t understand these things that you do,
Just being the wonderful you.
I feel emotions stirring inside,
From deep inside my being, from where they hide.
I don’t know how this can be,
You make me feel like I can fly away free.

Explain This Feeling

Don’t know how to explain this feeling,
But my insides are screaming. 
This empty feeling inside my soul,
Makes me feel like I’m cold.
I don’t know why I’m in this empty space,
It’s haunting and taunting me to a darker place.
My mind feels out of control, 
I just need something to make me feel whole. 
Even when the sun is out, 
I feel it’s night and darkness shouts.
What has caused me to be likes this?
I’m tired of this feeling, I just want to be in bliss.
I feel as if I’ve done something wrong,
To deserve these feeling of pain so strong.
Maybe in a past life I was bad,
Maybe I shunned away something good I had.
I just wish I knew my fate,
So I can let go of this ungodly hate.