I’m Finished!


I’m finished with conversation,

I quit the dreaded scum,

I give up your words of commotion, 

I am alas done.

The things that fall from your mouth,

Make me sick,

The words of hell and disgusting shout,

I’m ignoring, that’s it.

Keep on talking,

I will not hear,

Your constant barking,

Is so very clear.

I will change,

For me that is,

It’s not for new exchange,

It’s to continue to exist.

This new me you will see,

Will be one you won’t want,

You will not want me to be, 

Just a shell up front.

Be careful what you wish for,

I’m not about to care,

You do not know what’s in store,

You will not hear me share.

I’m finished with the emotion. 

I quit the loving heart,

I give up inner combustion,

I am done with falling apart.


8 thoughts on “I’m Finished!

  1. Very good! I have felt and said these words, well not as well as you did, so many times. I think this is the final me. I simply don’t have the energy to change for any body, and am of the maturity where I realized there is no ‘win’ for me if I do change. Great words. Keep strong.

      • The peace for your soul is so refreshing when you come to this point. Just remember though, eventually you will arrive at another merry-go-round, as they seem to plague our lives. Whether it be relationships, which I have thankfully finished with; work; or just daily living. The point is you get to choose which one to ride, for the most part, as I wouldn’t have ever chose this Disability one I am on, but we can choose how we ride it: are we going to just ride it until it stops on its own volition, or are we in control of when we get off. Even I have finally figured out I am in control of this disability thing as I can say ‘enough’ and just call it all off. I also have found out who is a friend and who isn’t and a lot about myself, so the ride hasn’t been all without some reward, and it hasn’t been as painful as a relationship merry-go-round, and some of those are extremely painful.

      • Thanks…well I think I kind of stay in a merry-go-round that never fully stops, just slows down. So many things going on at once and hard to pin them down to say enough to, also some I can’t say enough to because there is no choice but to hold on for dear life and wait. I know I will always be up and down, I just hope someday my ups are far greater.

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