Release Of A Lifetime


Release the agony,

Sigh away the pain.

These feelings inside of me,

Pour from my eyes like rain.

The internal turmoil , 

Bursting out of my soul.

The wall crumbles and foils, 

I can release now and feel whole.

A lifetime of emotions,

Flowing out of my heart.

Rid of commotions,

This is a brand new start.

Time this will take,

To regain my new strength.

A new expression I’ll make,

With my new sight on fate.

This happened for a reason,

I will see it unfold.

End this emotional treason,

And a new life emerges untold. 


7 thoughts on “Release Of A Lifetime

  1. Love the art. I don’t know about, but I have often wondered why all the abuse happened. What was the ultimate reason? It is the same question I ask about children who are hurt: What does free will have to do with these children being pawns of mad, crazy, adults? Sorry to be a drag. Keep on healing. I hope you are feeling better after your fall.

    • Thank you. It is very awful maddening thoughts/questions to have. I though wrote this for a loved one with a breakthrough. I know emotions very well, especially that of someone close. I felt the need to express what at the moment was inexpressible.

      I’m doing a little bit better since my fall, Thank you. Just exhausted, never slept last night.

      Thank you for your comment, as usual you give me much to think (good thing) and wonderful comfort. 🙂

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