Internal Ache


Knock me down, 

Again and again,

Make me frown,

When will this end?

Exhausted from the downward spiral, 

I’m tired of the falling rocks.

At least for a while,

Can this just stop?

I need a break,

From daily life,

I don’t want to fake,

This endless fight. 

When will tribulations, 

Slow down?

Is it my imagination, 

That worsens my frown?

I hope to see things rise up,

And rid myself of the painful tiredness. 

I wish to only love,

I hope to feel happiness.

Continued pain and sadness flows,

Ignoring the pain just makes me shake.

Needing and begging for joy grows,

Please end this internal ache.


12 thoughts on “Internal Ache

  1. I know where you are. I am not feeling so on top of it right now either, but yours is way deeper. All I can offer is that this will end, there will be an end to all this pain. You are strong, I can tell just from the way you write and how you put yourself out there: not for pity, but for the sake of someone to hear you. There are many of us out here who hear you, and believe it or not, care about you. If I didn’t hear or see something from you by the time I finished going through the Reader, I was going to tweet you to make sure you were okay. I get the sense you are coping, maybe not ready to sing from the highest mountain, but hell! I am never ready to do that either. Keep writing, get it out, even if in a private journal, not online, and yes, it will end.

    • Thank you for your beautiful kind words. I have been under the weather lately and it’s been hard to write. Also in not just emotional pain, physical as well. I Thank you for caring so much.

      • Hey I now know you are out there, so ‘you goin’ hear from me if I don’ hear from you! Got it!’ Good. Hope you feel better soon, both ways. Remember, and I know you have heard this before, but much of the time emotional pain can bring about physical symptoms. Maybe just some ‘you’ time is called for, and some of your favorite music in your earphones, would help. Take it easy.

      • Thank you. Well part of the physical pain is from physically falling today. Hmm…me time, very seldom do I get that. I try once a week but it doesn’t always happen. I’m Glad to have a friend that cares so much. Thank you.

      • Damn baby! Why didn’t she put the gate up when she was done with it. I get mad at my crew all the time for simply not putting their toys away, cleaning their litter box, picking up his droppings outside. I get it! All children all slobs! LOL Take care.

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