An empty space,

Carved from heart, 

A tortuous place,

Somewhere dark.

Many years,

This hole grew, 

Many tears,

Filled it too.

Looking for happiness,

To fill this void,

Nothing but sharpness, 

Cut deeper and toyed.

Fed up with pain,

Giving up the search,

Nothing more to gain,

Just wait now and perch. 

Many more years,

Are passed since then,

Many more tears,

Have fallen again.

Yet, time has changed,

To a different space,

Life rearranged, 

To a new found place.

There’s smiles and laughter,

There’s happy tears too,

There’s new things after,

And less days of blue.

Things in life, 

Always change,

Even the painful strife,

Even the rage.

Life is what you make it,

This is true,

Even if you fake it,

Eventually you feel it too.


9 thoughts on “Eventually

  1. I like that you use the analogy of things getting better even when you fake it at first. My Mom used to tell me this all the time, I didn’t believe her as a teen, and throughout much of my early adult life. Then I listened to her talk of my g-ma and realized that is how my Mom and g-ma survived so long, in relationships made of shit: they simply faked it. I am sorry, I cannot fake many things, not that I can’t act, I just choose to be honest about my feelings. Although, in my careers I have faked it on many occasions, just in a effort to keep my job. You have to suck up a lot at almost any job, or career, so this is nothing new for anyone. But, it is true, if you fake it, at least you can get through the day, date, whatever, until you can safely climb back into your bed, and tuck under the covers.

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