Motivation Comes


Motivation comes in many forms,
Shown the way from the time we’re born,
It starts as our mother coaxing us to eat,
And showing us, Where are our feet? 

Next comes helping us learn to crawl and walk.
Eventually motivating us to talk.
All these milestones we must go,
Motivation is key to this, we know.

On into school years,
Motivation cheers,
We grow and learn knowledge, 
And parents hope we go to college.

From this point we must push through,
On our own our self-motivation is true.
It may be difficult to realize,
But life needs a push to open our eyes.

We try at every life’s turn,
We can’t give up, motivation we must learn.
Each step we move towards life’s fate,
Is a push forward that we must make.

Then now our turn to motivate,
Our children will learn this lesson in fate.
We help and guide them into their life,We show them motivation is key for their strife.


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