Being Dealt?


Am I being seen?
Am I being felt?
Am I being heard?
Or am I being dealt?

Do you see my eyes?
Do they express my insides?
Do they tell you lies?
Do you truly realize? 

My eyes deep dark brown,
They shine bright, yet frown. 
Through them my spirit glows,
From my eyes my spirit flows.

Do you feel my heart?
Do you feel my soul?
Do you feel my touch?
Do you feel you know?

My heart beats hard and true,
My soul is full of you,
My touch will take away your blue,
Feel me and you will understand too.

Do you hear my voice?
Do you hear my cries?
Do you understand my choices? 
Do you hear all my tries?

My voice is calm and kind,
My cries silently left behind,
My choices are always mine,
I try all I can try.

Do you choose to deal?
Or love me for real?
Do you choose to ignore,
What I feel we should explore?

If you choose to deal,
Then leave me to reel,
If I do not appeal,
Then leave for good, this is real.

I see all of you,
I feel you and know what’s true,
I heard all your words,
I don’t deal, I try to preserve.


4 thoughts on “Being Dealt?

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