My Own Damn Self!


Why do you do this?
Why should we try?
The mouth’s proverbial fist,
Just makes me cry.

What do I have to do?
What more do you need?
Being me isn’t good enough for you,
Well, what in you should I feed?

Do I need to lose my emotions?
Do I need to gain more strength?
Do I need to force through the motions?
Should I become nothing but a blank?

Well, my emotions are who I am,
My strength is far greater than you know,
Going through the motions is a sham,
And blankness in myself, no!

Love me for me,
If not someone else may,
I will not change who I’m supposed to be,
So please get off your high horse today!

I’m not something to be molded,
I’m not going to be anyone else,
I will not get scolded,
I will be my own Damn self!


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