A Dose of Ecstasy


Mature content
Draw me near,
Grip my hips, 
Whispering in my ear,
A gentle kiss.

Gaze into my eyes,
Show me that you care,
Make me realize, 
While you softly move my hair.

Nibble my neck, 
Holding me close,
You’re becoming erect,
I feel though our clothes.

My hands on your chest,
I feel your beating heart,
Please again kiss,
And this time passionately hard.

Pick me up,
Then lay me down,
Make me drip,
When you go to town.

Soft and slow,
Fast and deep,
Let me know,
For me you will keep.

Keep it going,
And I will voice,
That I’m feeling,
Oh so nice.

Getting close,
Soon you’ll see, 
You’re giving me a dose,
Of ecstasy.


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