Making You Feel Alive


Have you ever met,
Someone you can’t forget?
Who is unlike, 
Anyone else in life?
Have you ever seen,
Someone serene? 
Who’s inner beauty, 
Seems beyond reality? 
Have you ever known, 
Someone that makes your mind blown?
Who surprises you,
With a heart that’s true?
Have you ever felt,
Someone that makes you melt?
Who’s actions,
Cause unbelievable attraction? 
Have you ever heard,
Someone that sings with the birds?
Who’s voice draws you in,
Causing feelings from within?
Have you ever believed, 
Someone could relieve, 
The ache inside,
Making you feel alive?


11 thoughts on “Making You Feel Alive

  1. I love this piece. I have met at least two people like this. Although I was never close friends with them, or we met in passing, they still come to my mind and bring me a sense of peace like no other can do. Beautiful.

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