Life’s Parade


In life we make choices,

From our inner voices.

They may sometimes seem wrong,

But they are right all along.

Cannot have regrets,

For destiny you have not met.

Life moves on,

Just keep strong.

Do not look behind you,

The past is gone.

Look at what’s new,

The future can be bright as the sun.

Mistakes will be made,

Each and every day,

Do not dwell,

Tell the mistakes farewell.

Believe in yourself,

For you have wealth.

It comes from your love,

From within and from above.

Be not who you think you are,

Become who you are meant to be.

Life can bring you far,

Just wait and see.

Believe the steps you make,

Come from journey’s fate.

Each path is made,

To walk with pride in Life’s Parade.


6 thoughts on “Life’s Parade

  1. I liked this piece. The only part which I would beg to differ is on the ‘…don’t look behind you…’ It appears throughout history we as a race, do not look behind us. We should to a degree to learn from our mistakes, to make sure we are not repeating history, our own mistakes, and to solve the problems we are faced with. We cannot just walk away from yesterday, we must learn from it, and then let it go when we are done with it. We just have to be smart enough to know when to let go, not holding a grudge, not holding onto something which may be poisonous to our mind and body, to know we are done. Above all, we as a human race, need to look at history, old and new, and realize what we did wrong or right, and how to we make it better the next time ’round.

    • Thank you. Yes, we as a race should look at the right and wrongs. The thing I suffer with is letting go of the past. The holding onto the bad and dwelling. Looking at what was good and wishing it back. These things are painful in a person’s heart and soul. Although looking at the past as a learning tool is a good thing to do, for some it just pulls them apart. The past cannot be changed and so many people wish it could be. Letting go and not looking back is sometimes someone’s “saviour” in life.

      • This is true. There was a lot in my life I was forced to bring to a boil, look at, find meaning, or the lack thereof, and then let it go. Lots of therapy. What I see people doing, and since I am a history buff I see this more, is doing the same thing the previous lot did and failed at. Just one very sort example would be the reason we are taught people came to America was to flee England’s religious persecution. Yet, within a very short time, we were doing the same thing here, and burning people on the word of a few as to them being witches. People then moved to the West to get away from this. Now we are doing it again. It is a cycle, and I wish we could break it and free ourselves to become more enlightened, loving beings.

      • I am with you there. I don’t like history much because of this. The awful things in the past and now present. I do not like the news for this very reason also. It makes me sick to see the terrible things people do. I wish people would life from love and peace, not hate and war. It’s saddening to see and I wish so bad it would change. I always try my best to see the world how it can be, not only what I see. Which is Why I write about emotion so much, it’s what guides me in life. I live from my emotions and always have.

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