Dominating Me


Mature content

Trap my hands,
Bind them tight,
Dominating me,
All through the night.

Kiss me here,
Lick me there,
Nibble me everywhere, 
I need strong care.

Grab me up,
Pull me down, 
Dominating me,
I will sound.

Bite my neck,
Spank my ass,
Control me and my,
Cheeky sass. 

Blindfold my eyes,
So I can’t see, 
Dominating me,
Makes me feel free.

I was naughty, 
I did not listen, 
Show your care,
With disciplinin’. 

Call me yours, 
I will be true,  
Dominating me,
I will only be for you.

Play with me please,
For I’m your toy,
I need your tease,
This is no ploy.

I crave your hold,
I need you to mold,
Dominating me,
Will make me feel whole.


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