Feelings of Deception


What do you do when you’re deceived?

How do you feel when you see that it’s real?

What do you do when your heart bleeds?

How does it feel when life doesn’t appeal?

Being deceived is hurtful and not right,

It burns inside and may get angry or hide.

Makes you feel you can no longer take flight,

But push through the deception with all your might.

When the feeling becomes so real,

It makes emotions reel,

It puts you in a place you do not want,

Make you bury who you are and become who you are not.

A bleeding heart falls apart,

Piece it back together,

Begin again at the start,

It becomes stronger for the next wave of bad weather.

When life is no longer appealing,

We run away and crawl inside,

But seeing different is believing,

That we move on in life and mustn’t hide.


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