Have You Ever?


Have you ever thought,
Of one so often, 
That your mind is caught,
In heart’s emotion? 

Have you ever heard,
That voice so true,
That puts you  in a blur,
That takes away the blue?

Have you ever felt,
That one true touch,
To make you melt,
So Damn much?

Have you ever sighed,
That one deep breath,
Wanting the high,
That one has left?

Have you ever smelt, 
That sweet scent,
Of someone that held,
You in content?

Have you ever spoke,
Those three little words,
That one may choke,
When emotion is heard?

Have you ever flown,
High in the sky, 
Spirit no longer owned, 
Spirit no longer cries. 

Have you ever known,
A love so real,
That gives life,
It’s true appeal?


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