Emotional Lust


Mature Content

Arms, lips, and electric connection,

All I want is to give you, is your desired affection.

I want your lips,

And gentle kiss.

I want your caresses,

To touch me soft while undresses.

Feel my skin, indulgently sweet,

Filled with a blazing heat.

I need your warmth to excite my heart.

I never want this sensation to part.

Your spirit to pierce my soul.

Your grasp to make me feel whole.

I beseech your essence,

To penetrate my presence.

I want to feel,

A connection that’s real.

In these wants, craves, and needs,

Imagination that takes off that screams.

 To have a feeling of true emotion,

 Will drive my body through an utter commotion.

 I need to feel a man so real,

 One that expresses to me, I appeal.

 I need to feel the erotic touch,

 I need to have after me a lust.

 I want to be desired, and craved each day,

 I want to sense you when you say,

 “Baby I need your magic touch,

 Finish me and nourish my new found lust,

Please help me conquer this thirst,

To experience you will be my emotional first”


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