Relationships and Love 
There are many types of relationships in our lifespan. Mother, father, siblings, friendships, significant other, and children, (for many their beloved pets); plus many more. What kind of love comes from each? 
Mother’s Love
A mother’s love is undying and in my opinion immeasurable. A mother’s love is so unconditional and true that it cannot ever fully be expressed. Even when you are a mother, the love is indescribable. They are the nurturers in life, the place from where we were made. Mothers are sacred, no matter the kind of relationship that is kept when her child(ren) are parents themselves.
Father’s Love
A father’s love, much like a mother’s, is a beautiful things to have in life. Whether being a father by blood or by marriage, it takes strong will to see your children at multiple times “want mommy.” Fathers in general are the boldness in life, they love in a different way than any other can. Their love and boldness becomes a strong lesson and they become teachers. A father’s love carries on in their child(ren) when they are adults. The love can make or break a person.
Sibling Love
Siblings! Well there is a love that is always changing. From fights to hugs as children, to fights and understanding as adults. A love you have no matter if they put you in a pain that can run deep within you. In many cases the love can flourish into a friendship that can last a lifetime.
Friendship Love
Friendship love! Now there’s something great! When you find that best friend, one that’s like no other in the world, it’s thrilling. They are there when you’re up and on the highest mountain. Then when you fall into the deepest depths in an abyss of pain, they are there with their hand reaching out to pull you from your agony. Friendship love helps make life easier when things go spinning out of control. 
Significant Other Love
A significant other’s love can change a person, sometimes for the better and sometimes the worst. The love that’s there is always changing, even when you wish it didn’t. There is the, magical love that makes your soul soar! The love that you think is fading, but it’s just life that takes over. Wishing that the beginning days of spirits high and love feeling grand would come back to you. Sometimes it does! And that love feels like it’s growing all over again. Feels like you’re on top of the world and will never come down. Then change hits yet again, life gets in the way. Your love is there but it’s hidden in the daily tasks that must get done. You don’t spend the time together as you once did and it becomes painful. Finding a connect with your significant other when life is so hectic is an almost impossible venture. Whatever love you and your significant other do have it’s different. It’s not soul soaring, heart pounding, head spinning love anymore. In essence, it’s a friendship that you share your life with.  How hard is that? A friendship with the person you’re supposed to love for eternity. A love that’s changed so much that the everlasting blaze inside for them feels like it’s dying out. What does one do? Hang in there or move on?
Children’s Love
Children love…Oh what a grand love it is! They love unconditionally, the parents that raise them. No matter the ups and downs, they always love their parents. Even in the teen years when all they want to do is run away or hide. Even when it feels like they will never grow up, they do and their future can hold some incredible moments waiting to be explored. They may even say they hate their parents, but as they grow up; a realization hits them and a new relationship is born.
Pet’s Love
Loving your pet, that is a different love in most cases. Yet, for some the love from their pet and to their pet feels like a child’s love as well. They make us feel alive even when we’re hurting. They know our pains, they see our weaknesses. They are there no matter what you do and where you go. It’s a sweet love that everyone must feel someday. 
Many More
This is all just the basics of love, there are so many more relationships, like grandparents and grandchildren. Aunts and uncle’s. There is so much love in the world, and in our lifespan. We must see the love that is there and hope that it carries us through life’s journey to a happy destination.
Relationships and Failure 
Relationships, no matter how much work gets put in, can crumble. A crumbling connection can be the most painful experience. Walking on eggshells to keep peace, tip toeing to keep others happy. Is it worth hiding parts of who you are, just to have some sort of a relationship with someone? Is it worth the anger, resentment, and tears it can cause? It’s hard to know for sure, you have to dig deep inside yourself to answer these questions. Sometimes deeper than a person can handle or wants to go. It brings out emotions that many do not understand or even want to. So what do you do? Turn yourself inside out trying to find answers unknown to you or just pretend nothing is wrong and live life in a saddened mundane way? How long can one take being someone they are not? All in all, it takes a strong person to handle all of it. To handle the ups and Downs in relationship that try to push you off course. My last question to you, “is it worth it?”



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