Accept Change


Where in life does it say,

“Life must go a certain way?”

We change course everyday,

With our decisions each day.


One small decision can change your life,

From our heart the decision is right.

Everything happens like it should,

We cannot think, “well I could…”


Mistakes are made in life,

This is fine, for we strife,

For our path we choose,

Each mistake we learn and on we move.


Life is never easy,

For it changes often, we must believe,

We must change with it so we achieve,

This is our journey, it’s meant to be.


With life’s changes comes emotions,

These emotions run through,

All our daily commotions,

Makes us feel, What’s life coming to?


Time moves on, things change too,

We must accept the changes we go through.

It will not change who we are inside,

It will just makes us not need to hide.


Don’t hide your emotions, big or small,

For they’re part of you are,

Your internal self will one day thank,

The part of you that accepted fate.


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