Returning The Love, When You Are Loved


When you are loved-

When you are loved, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. There are so many emotions that take you to a place of peacefulness. We need love in our lives, whether it’s family, friends, or a significant other. This love that is so freely given to us is a gift beyond measure. No matter what’s going on in life, we must thank the people that love us. To have such a gift that is unconditional, is a treasure. Even when there are obstacles that people cannot get past in any kind of personal relationship; there is still something good to hold onto – LOVE! Even when pain tries to eat away at you and you feel like your life is at the end of its rope, hold onto – LOVE. Even if it feels like your tide has come in and you have nothing left to move toward, hold onto – LOVE. When you feel there is no one in the world that has love for you, think otherwise. There is someone in your life that maybe you have overlooked. They are there, watching your despair and wanting to be your rock in hopes of bringing you even the smallest glimpse of joy. Find these people in your life and hold on as tightly as you can.

Returning Love-

Returning love can sometimes be difficult. It cannot be forced, it cannot be given even if the receiver is loving beyond measure. This love that is so hard to give, it’s usually for good reason. Sometimes the only love you can give someone is a friendship. That’s fine and it should be OK for you to accept that fact. Not everyone loves in the same way. Not everyone can love in a way that is the ‘norm’. Sometimes the love you wish to return to someone is stunted; there is something that blocks you from having this love pour out of you. That’s OK too, many times these blockages come from good reasons and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. As hard as it may be at times, close your eyes and let got of the self-torture that you put yourself through. Let these people know that there is an emotion there, one that you cannot express fully, but that you do care.

Love is an emotional treasure,

One that you cannot measure,

Give it to ones who,

Care about you.

It does not matter from where it comes,

Love can be just friends that won’t run.

Do not put your head in the sand,

Let yourself take this stand.

Open up your walled up heart,

Loving peace can become a part,

Of life’s strange mysteries,

And life’s miseries.

Let your soul take a risk,

Of loving someone who you know you’ll miss.

Take them in arm’s embrace,

And bring yourself to a happier place.

If you feel too sad to try,

Keep working each day and do not cry,

Let yourself embrace the love,

And let your spirit fly away like a dove.


2 thoughts on “Returning The Love, When You Are Loved

  1. Very nice. Once more, the words expressed persevere to illustrate something living. Her ideas reach beyond structure and articulate the substance of life, being, and the experience.

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