Depression – What do you do?


Depression, what does it to?
Depression is a state, where no matter what you do in life, it chases you down like a lion after its prey. It comes and goes like a yo-yo, sometimes it gets stuck in an up or a down. It eats away the flesh of your heart. Ties your soul down in chains so you can’t ever fully get away. The more you try to push it away, the harder it comes back to attack you even at your highest moments in life. So how do you beat this life’s game of chess? What can you do to keep it away?

How to beat depression at it’s own game?
In life, we take on a multitude of challenges, life altering changes, and the ups and downs that’s given to face; not just each year, but everyday. How do we get beyond these bumps that urge to deter us from happiness? We Keep going! We move on over bump after bump, and road block after road block. It’s the hardest thing to do when you suffer from depression. It’s the hardest thing to face each day when you hurt deep down inside. When pain takes over the love we have, it’s beaten us! That cannot happen, love is far greater than pain! People are far stronger than they give themselves credit for. There’s a lesson in every day that should be learned:

It’s another day,
It’s another step,
Don’t you quit,
Even if you wept.

Times are hard,
Things get tough,
Pull down the guard,
And say enough is enough.

I can beat this ongoing pain,
I can change my life each day.
Whether there is sun or rain,
Each day brings on new found change.

Life’s a journey,
I must fight,
To find my path,
With all my might.

Any change,
Good or bad,
I can take,
And fight like I never have.

Remember these words each day’s pass. Nothing can last, not even the hurt and pain built up inside. Move with the winds, ride with the tides. One day depression will just have no choice but to fade away.


6 thoughts on “Depression – What do you do?

  1. Hi Deb ,Thank you for inviting me to this so important topic in my life and other, I have been fighting the Dark Cloud for many many years, I lost the love of my life recently and i FELL hard into that black cloud,Drugs ,Drinking and people in my life just didnt do anything to lift my spirits to leave the house, The docs have me on meds now for deppression. I am finding that time is the only thing that changes my perspective , I am closer to death than further as they say i am on the down slope. I am still stuck in my house but i do get out when my chemistry is on track, I am fishing again(without bait ) just to be sitting at the beach alone.I miss the goodness in my life i have had some spurts of fun, i am feeling my endorphin popping as i am getting deeper in this letter to you, i am afarid to scare you off. do you wanna talk a bit about yourself ………………plz

    Thank You Seth T.

    • Seth, I am flattered that you wished to share a piece of you with me. I am sorry for the loss in your life and hope that things can only rise from here. I have suffered from depression since I was a teen. They turned me into a Guinea pig with meds that made the suffering worse. I have been up and down in my life. I have things and people I should stay happy for and just always can’t. I pull myself out the deep abyss that is my depression. I fall and cone back. It’s a cycle I’ve been having to just deal with. I was falling into one of my slumps when my soul told me to write. In writing I helped myself and I hope to help others as well. I want more than anything in the world to have my stories and my poetry out into the world to help others. To inspire just 10% of the people I can reach would be a miracle for me. I hope that all things in your life get better and better. I wish you the very best in your recovery.

  2. Recovery is a big word!!!!, i do understand the rollercoaster, when my mom would call me and she would hear it (deppresion) she would say OH time of the month, as you said it does come in cycles., I think i will start to write more , i do have a journal and its mostly full of bad thoughts, i will make an effort to write what i am appreciative , do u leave in the U.S.A, i live in florida, ocean ridge

    • Recovery is a big world, and has different meanings to different circumstances. Yes, cycles of good ups and horrid Downs. It’s pushing through those Downs to find the good that helps. If you are journaling, may I suggest something? Pros and cons list, and keep it going. Plus a daily mantra helps as well. It’s small steps, but it’s each step that brings on joy again. And every little small happy moment, write it down. Even if it’s something that made you laugh. Eventually, the good outweighs the bad.

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