Love Me?


Will you say I’m beautiful each day?

Will you tell me you love me everyday?

Will you only speak the truth,

When I come and ask things of you?

Can you imagine what the future may hold?

Will you dream of our life untold?

Am I enough for you to stay,

Happy each and every day?

Am I okay to be,

Me and only me?

Do you want me to change my ways?

Or do you want me to be me always?

Do my dreams of life untold,

Make you feel like I’m too bold?

Am I doing the right things,

To show I make effort to exchange?

Am I enough to love forever?

Will there be a day you say never?

Will you show me life will become better?

Even in the midst of dark weather?

Do you truly love me for me?

Or do you love me for who I can be?

Do you want me for eternity?

Or one day will you set me free?


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