Lost in mind’s state,

What of this should I make?

Mind spins round and round,

Cannot place feet on the ground.


Lost in a walled up heart,

How to make the walls fall apart?

Heart feels so trapped in,

Cannot make this feeling end.


Lost inside, my spirit hides,

How to find and release it to the skies?

Spirit binded in these chains,

There has to be a way to make change.


Lost in body’s image,

How to get past this grimace?

Body seems to hate me,

I hate it back times three,


Lost in being so very trapped,

How to get past these feelings that wrap?

Being has all these chores,

To find a way to release these sores.


Lost in mind, heart, spirit, and body,

How to fix this and not hurt anybody?

All of me needs some help,

To find a way to take care of myself.


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