Can You Come & Hold Me Tight?


Can you come to me,

And hold me tight?

I need your loving touch,

To feel alright.

It’s the only way,

For me to feel okay,

It’s been such,

An awful day.


Hold close,

And I’ll feel alright,

Please kiss my soft,

To make me all right.

I need to be,

Close to you,

For you to see,

You need me to.


Close your eyes,

Smell my scent,

Breathe me in,

Till you’re content.

Then open your eyes,

Look deep into mine,

And you will see,

We are supposed to be.


Kiss with passion,

Beyond what we could imaging,

We’ll feel great,

In a loving embrace.

What I feel,

Seems so real,

We need more,

Than dreams surreal.


Touch me gentle,

And I will return,

The same soft touch,

To make our souls burn.

We need to, caress one another,

For our hearts to, truly be together.


Then we can, go beyond what we feel,

Let our touch, bring love that’s real.

Place your hands, in my grasp,

We will have, feelings to last.

We need more, for we need touch,

With love’s embrace, that makes us lust.


With this lust, comes sexy touch,

We will connect, and our bodies will flush.

Touches so soft, caresses gentle,

We’ll make love, for we’re two loving people.


Lay us down, soft and slow,

We will have, an night never known.

Bodies close, soft and warm,

This connection will, never be torn.

Hand embraced, with fingers laced.

We’ll go slow, as the love flows.


I can’t wait, to feel you inside,

Our connection, will not hide.

Easing in, it feels just right,

Completely connected, bodies close and tight.

Moving slow and deep too,

I love the feel, my body all through.


Every part, of my being,

Is so perfect, with this feeling.

Looking deep in eyes so full,

Of love too, I knew you would fall.

This feels real, nothing surreal.

This will be, our being free.


You know you, have this way,

Of making me feel, everything you say.

Tell me how, you feel too,

For I know I love you.


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