Repay You


Mature Content

Please come with me,

And you will see.

Something special,

For us, you will feel glee.

Follow me, down the hall,

For I recall,

I need to repay you,

For the things you do.

You make me feel,

So happy and thrilled.

You touch me right,

Through the night.

I now wish to please you,

With desires you want to.

Anything you want,

I will not say not.

Your wishes will be,

Filled because of me,

Your body will shake,

In the things we partake.

You see now in there?

You see her hair?

She’s here to please,

You and me.

We will have pleasure,

Through day and night,

For you will have,

Us alright.

We will touch you,

Make you feel right,

Kiss and suck you,

Through day and night.

We will give you,

A sight to see,

While you watch,

Her and me.

I wish to repay you,

And when this is threw,

You will know how,

Three’s company true.


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