I’ll Remember This


Mature ContentBring me to a soft lit room,

Kiss me gently, touch my face,

Do what you do, you know how to swoon,

Bring me to that passionate place.


Lay me down soft yet firm,

Show me things I have not learned,

Cover my eyes so I can’t see,

Let me feel you touching me.


Surprise me with some new fun things,

So I moan with loud sings,

Tie me down so I can’t move,

Please do theses things, I’m in the mood.


Turn me into your tasty plate,

Make me beg till I ache,

Take your fruit, place it wherever,

Eat it off from places clever,

Juices run, my body covered,

Lick it off me, then turn me over.


Do it all over again and again,

Make my heart race and mind spin,

When all done with the fruit you eat,

Take me then for your extra sweet treat.


If there’s something else you wish,

Keep it coming,

I’m in bliss,

I love this showing,

I”ll remember this.






14 thoughts on “I’ll Remember This

  1. Ya, I enjoy. I like your poems and find each to be very warm. You state the sexuality just right, without being too graphic, using non-threatening features of sexuality. Each one of your poems is a thing to be done!

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