I Surrender


Mature ContentUp against the wall and hands overhead,

You sure know how to make me beg.

Looking in my eyes as you put your hand between my thighs,

Oh my, you sure do know how to make me sigh.

My heart is pounding, my soul on fire,

These feelings will never tire.

Please don’t stop these things you do,

Please never be threw.

Kissing down my neck,

Makes my breathing short and quick.

Your voice sends chills through me,

With your touch I quiver and feel free.

You work your way down, your lips so tender,

Oh please don’t stop, I do surrender.

I need your body, I need your heat,

Please play with me under the sheets.

Pull me to you, make me yours,

My lust for you; not just flows, it pours.


4 thoughts on “I Surrender

  1. thank you for your call very late at night you made me feel very long I know I don’t know you I could feel the way you write Wish You Were behind me
    …. I know it would feel right..

    • Thank you for your poem and liking how I write, I’m glad you could envision my words your mind recite. You stunned me with your reply, you shocked my mind, But glad that you felt passion my words instilled tonight. I try to write with emotion that Make people see, how truly I vision the world’s sight I see . All of the passionate thoughts that cross my mind, come from the love I have, for my husband is my life.

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