Souls Can Truly Meet


Mature Content

Warmth of flesh,

Chills from touch,

Heat from passion,

From wanting so much.

Gasping from the connection,

Feeling the electric touch,

The soul’s resurrection,

Is a feeling needed so much.

Passion beyond measure,

Something to be shared,

With someone that is treasured,

Is a feeling beyond compare.

Kisses so very gentle,

Passion building fast,

I need you to be entered,

I hope this ecstasy to last.

You enter me so slow,

This feeling feels so free,

Being connected through body,

Our souls can truly meet.

Feeling the incredible movement,

That moves so in sync,

Makes it even better,

When minds become this weak.

Holding on so tightly,

As movement picks up speed,

This feels so incredible,

I cannot even speak.

Speed goes even faster,

Breathing gets so hard,

Deeper harder in me,

I want to feel you more.

Keep on moving together,

Makes me wetter and wetter,

The heat that flows from within me,

Is your tasty treat.

Sigh… a gasp needed to be felt,

I needed our souls to touch,

Do you truly realize,

How you made my heart and body melt?


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