What is Love?


Image: webdesign.org


What is love and what does it do?

It is emotion that makes you come unglued.

The excitement and enticement that fills your heart,

Makes your world come apart.

How is it that love does these crazy things?

Makes you so crazy and your soul sing.

Forgetting the important daily tasks,

 Because love took off your hiding mask.

Days and nights fly by fast,

With hopes the feeling will last.

Sleep becomes the last thing on your mind,

Because all you want is to see what else love can find.

Love is a needed feeling in your being,

Without it, it feels like life has no meaning.

Love is something you wish for,

Even when your heart’s been broken, you seem to come back for more.

An opened heart and soaring spirit gives your life this feeling,

Of love so tender that you will always remember, even when love causes your heart’s bleeding.




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