Great News for Steve K. Smy Fans

What a wonderful way to help authors…


7 thoughts on “Great News for Steve K. Smy Fans

      • I couldn’t agree more, Deb 🙂 And as somebody who has belonged to a wide variety of online communities I can say that the loose community of authors is superior to any other! I have seldom had cause to ‘switch off’ from an author 🙂

      • That’s wonderful! This being my first ever blog experience has opened my eyes immensely. I have gotten so inspired and it thrills me to write so much. I had many fears starting, but they are all starting to fade. I do hope this blog to bring me opportunities (fingers crossed), but if not I at least get to learn from and know others. That in itself is worth it.

      • 🙂 I do hope you go from strength to strength with your blog, Deb 🙂 And that lots of other opportunities appear. Some people have, after all, started as bloggers with no other plan, and ended up as published authors. Anything is possible. And, as you say, the whole experience is worthwhile in its own right 🙂

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