A Mother’s Love


Image: etsy.com


Being a mother is a treasure,

Nothing else can measure.

Whether adoption or of body it does not matter,

The love you have could not be any stronger.

Children make the world go round?

Well, to a mother their children make their soul unbound.

When your child comes to you,

All you can think is “Wow, baby I love you”.

Their little souls so sweet and innocent,

Your love for them is beyond any incident.

You may get angry or sad by their actions,

It does not matter for their love is the best satisfaction.

Those sweet little giggles and smiles they make,

Shows that you’re doing something right even with learned mistakes.

Motherhood is not easy to learn,

It’s worth every second, so do not discern.

All mothers fear they cannot do enough,

To be the best mom it feels so tough.

But every effort of your love shows them you’re proud,

Let them know if they want you’ll scream it to a crowd.

Expressing your love can never tire,

Even when they grow up and you retire.

The love you show them now will grow,

Then they will one day show their children the same love that flows.


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