My One, My Only, My Life’s Bliss



Standing there looking into your eyes,

I see the clear blue skies.

We lean into an electric kiss,

This is truly bliss.

My hand on your neck and rubs down your chest,

I love to nibble it the best.

Slowly kissing, licking, and biting,

Down your body you won’t be fighting.

My lips touch the tip of your member,

So soft warm and tender.

The tip of my tongue taps him quick,

Making your heart tick, tick, tick.

You’re laying back in the bed,

My inviting lips wrap around his head.

Slowly going deeper into my hot mouth,

I start humming, you almost shout.

In my mouth you’re slowly moving,

I love to do this, is it showing?

Up and down in my mouth,

Deeper and deeper south.

I stop and look in your eyes,

Climb up your body to your surprise.

Kissing and biting my way back up,

Damn did I cause your member to rise up.

I need him in me so very bad,

I slide on him, grip him, throw back my head.

I ride you deep and slow,

I can’t help but to moan out to show,

How good you feel deep inside,

I continue to ride.

All these emotions building up in my soul,

I am glad you make me whole.

I look at you while I cum,

My body twitching and coming undone.

I stare at you lovingly and tell you,

My one, my only, I very much love you.


2 thoughts on “My One, My Only, My Life’s Bliss

  1. I do think you’re worrying over nothing. Why not just add ‘erotic’ and maybe ‘explicit’ as descriptive tags and then post normally?

    • I just didn’t want to take any chances. I don’t really write many things erotic but my blog is about love. Also, I want to try freelance writing and I’m starting this to use to help me. I just don’t want to mess anything up.

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