How do I?

How do I make my heart stop racing?
As my feet can’t stop pacing.
How do I calm my fears?
While wiping away all these tears.
How do I stop the spinning in my mind?
When I don’t know what it’s trying to find.
How do I make my stomach calm?
When I feel every right is wrong.
How do I breathe normal breaths?
When anxiety is so high I feel I can’t rest.
How do I sleep through the night?
When dreams of future fright.
How do I make my pain go away?
When all it wants to do is stay. 
How to I make this torture end?
When all I feel like is a feather in the wind.
How do I make my soul feel free?
When I don’t even know who is me.


12 thoughts on “How do I?

      • I believe somehow we find it with pen and paper. Or theses days a keyboard. It ain’t easy, but at least we express it. And sometimes it becomes a beautiful inspiration letting us know we’re not alone in how we feel.

      • So very true. There are so many different mediums to use for inspiration and gaining that self-worth feeling. It has been 11 years since I have written and now found passion in it again; more so than before. People’s love and pain in life is how they come to be who they are. We are all on the same journey, just taking different paths.

      • I like that! It’s a good thing to think of everyday. Time and patience is not easy to see and feel until it’s jumping out at you. Similarly, looking at life as everything happens for a reason is a beautiful thing, yet heartbreaking as well. But no matter the walls or milestones in our journey, life must go on to find our destination.

      • Isn’t it nice to be among fellow wayfarers and travelers? It makes the journey a little easier. It helps to cut throught the headwind and allows us at times conserve energy and at other times to take the lead so that others might. Even now as we chat, iron is sharpening iron and the road seems a little flatter. It is definitely the journey for us sentients.

      • It is extremely nice and needed so much in life. I must say, you have a way with words that draw me in. It has a calming effect and is so very inspiring. I am glad to meet new people all the time, but to meet such a beautiful writer as well is intoxicating.

      • Thank you for the kind words, though it is always the heart from which the words come that gives me pause. I am happy to have met you as well. Words, huh? I’ll be checking in with you from time to time, I enjoy the intimacy of your work.

      • You are welcome, yes words. I have always said my words come from my soul. If my poetry is hard to flow, then it is my mind that is trying to take over. When it falls out of me, I feel my soul is writing it for me. Thank you, I always write emotions it’s what I live by. My emotions drive my being, so I can’t help but write for them.

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