Explain This Feeling

Don’t know how to explain this feeling,
But my insides are screaming. 
This empty feeling inside my soul,
Makes me feel like I’m cold.
I don’t know why I’m in this empty space,
It’s haunting and taunting me to a darker place.
My mind feels out of control, 
I just need something to make me feel whole. 
Even when the sun is out, 
I feel it’s night and darkness shouts.
What has caused me to be likes this?
I’m tired of this feeling, I just want to be in bliss.
I feel as if I’ve done something wrong,
To deserve these feeling of pain so strong.
Maybe in a past life I was bad,
Maybe I shunned away something good I had.
I just wish I knew my fate,
So I can let go of this ungodly hate.


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