Beauty Inside


A smiling face,
Has endless beauty.
Shining from a place,
That’s truly moving.

From the eyes,
That sparkle bright,
Deep from within,
Bringing rays of light.    

A heart so full,
Of Love to give,
Shows peace to all,
Which all should live.

A soul spinning wild,
With happiness inside,
Freedom from falling,         
No longer should it hide.   

A voice so warm,
It sparks a flame,
Yet so calm,
It tames.         

This is where,
One should look often,
For the beauty inside,
Each and every person.

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You Were


You Were My Angel From Above

You walked into my life,
When things were crazy.
During an internal fight,
Completely amazed me.

In this time of need I had,
You forced me to see,
The good and bad,
Showing who I’m meant to be.

Every day with you on my mind,
You consumed my heart.   
Now spinning around trying to find,
The pieces you pulled apart.       

I had a feeling,
Of being whole.          
Now a shelled being,
From carving this hole.

Moving on breaks my soul,
I miss the love,
Feeling out of control, 
Because you were my angel from above.

Lingering Moment


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What you see before thee,
Is who I truly am.
I will finally be me,
No longer live in a sham.

Parts will no longer hide,
I hope for you to see,
The pride I have inside,
The me I’ll always be.
I want you to know,
I will not be someone else.
I will never put on a show,
Or put myself on a shelf.

I have come to understand,
My faults. 
Still trying to plan,
To take the out the vault.

The person deep within,
Is a scared little child.   
She’s learning to let in,
And go of the wild.

Finding myself,
Has not been easy.
There’s still more to unleash,
My soul is still busy.

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Take Me


Take me to a place,
Where we’re alone.
An internal space,
To call our own.          
Take me in your arms,                     
To feel your love,                         
To melt with your charms,              
To soar like a dove.

Take me on a journey,
Where love swarms our hearts,
Shows our connection to destiny,
Where our souls never part.

Take me into your being,
Where we become one,
The only thing we’re seeing,
Is us never being done.
Take me forever,
My soul is yours,
I cannot say never,
My heart for you pours.

When Nothing Becomes How It Should


Love is in the heart,
Pain is in the soul,
Somewhere in time we did part,
Now not loving whole.

I don’t know what the future holds,
It worries me everyday.
Our life untold,
Can love always stay?

Will our lost connection return?
Can we last for all time?
Or will our souls burn,
And no longer be fine?

This I think,
Each and everyday.
My heart sinks,
Not having a paved way.

This metaphorical ledge,
We have teetered for years,
Puts me on edge,
And causes many tears.

I fear the day will come,
When things crumble for good.
I fear we will be done,
When nothing becomes how it should.

A Moment in Life


A moment in life,
Can change your mind,
Let go of the strife,
And give freedom from time.

It’s said to not search,
For things you hope for.
Just wait and perch,
To rid yourself of the sore.

Dwelling on the past,
Causes pains beyond measure.
Letting go at last,                                
Brings the heart and soul pleasure.

Life is what you make it,
Smile through the aches.
One day the bottom of your pit,
Will rise up releasing the agony that bakes.

Closure Brings Freedom
An example of a moment releasing pain.


For Me To Be Whole


In a cloud I stay,
Dreaming of you.
I wish all day,
To say I love you.

You make up my nights,
You consume my days,
My mind fights,
In so many ways.

I need you in my life,
I need you always,
You help with the strife,
Your love brightens me everyday.

When I can’t see you,
I feel so alone.
I become blue,
I don’t want to stay home.

I wish to be yours,
I crave your soul,
I need your arms,
For me to be whole.

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